DOWNLOAD FREE! Scene SC 2012 Sampler featuring Run Dan Run + 20 other SC bands!

by rundanrun on February 29, 2012

Yes, that headline is correct, the Scene SC 2012 Sampler is out and FREELY DOWNLOADABLE!!! It features 2 Hearts & Plugs artists, ourselves (naturally) and The Lovely Few. It also features Company, Elonzo, Shovels & Rope, Explorer’s Club, All Get Out, The Tarlatans, Nick Bays, Those Lavender Whales, Kemp Ridley, Heyrocco, The Sea Wolf Mutiny, Ryan Bonner, Dylan Sneed, The Restoration, Brave Baby, Late Nights, Octopus Jones, Baby Lips, & The Lion In Winter.

And how about the artwork by Nate Puza, ya’ll? I absolutely love it. This guy is good.

Be sure to download the Scene SC 2012 Sampler because it is 1. awesome 2. free & 3. freely awesome!

Also, here is what Shuffle Magazine has to say about the Scene SC 2012 Sampler. Shuffle picked our track “Box-Type Love” as one of their faves (!) on the sampler.

RDR – Dan

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