Music Video for “Lovesick Animal” premiered at The Silver Tongue!

by rundanrun on February 3, 2012

Our first ever music video is now up! It is for our single “Lovesick Animal” from our new album Normal and has now premiered at The Silver Tongue. The video was directed by yours truly and filmed and edited by the uber-talented Hunter Boone. It was shot around downtown Charleston, SC – the screaming scene and party scene in Space 227, the other indoor scenes were shot in my downtown apartment and the outdoor scenes over a few downtown blocks. The “Lovesick Animal” video features Dan McCurry, Joe Suthers, Emily Haney, Clint Thomas, Peter Spearman, Stephen Pappas, Rebecca Smith, Graham Jenkins, Patrick Walker, Lacii Paul, MacKenzie Kohler and Lauren Russell. The honey bear (not Pooh Bear) portrays a lovesick animal (worn by Dan McCurry, except during the screaming scene) which the viewer follows through the entire video – from getting up in the morning and doing mundane activities like exercising to getting down with his animal BFFs. Note: this honey bear has some mild anger management issues.

Also, we are very proud to represent South Carolina with The State of Music. Every state has a representative band and we were lucky enough to be chosen to represent SC. Dom at The State of Music is doing an excellent job putting this all together. One really cool feature at The State of Music is the album series, 5 albums featuring 10 songs each from the representative bands involved in the project. The first of 5 has just been released in both digital and physical formats. Be sure to pick it up. All the money raised from the sale of The State Of Music albums will be donated to Camden Calling.

And don’t forget, black graphic band t-shirts are in style this year. They go great with matching album covers.

RDR – Dan McCurry

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