New Look for Hearts & Plugs, plus The Lovely Few join the H&P family!

by rundanrun on January 24, 2012

Hello There!

Just want to announce that our label Hearts & Plugs has a new logo and a new look. We’re amping up our game here for 2012 in H&P camp. It’s about to get for realz.

Also, we’re thrilled to announce that The Lovely Few has joined the Hearts & Plugs family! So now H&P is 4 strong with the likes of Mr. Jenkins, Ashley Hopkins, The Lovely Few, & of course, yours truly, Run Dan Run. Please take a moment to check out the family if you have not done so already.

In other news, we have been selected to represent the state of South Carolina at The State Of Music. We’re delighted to have been picked and hope to make momma bear (SC) proud!

This week (hopefully) our music video for “Lovesick Animal” will premiere on a network. We’re super excited about our FIRST EVER MUSIC VIDEO! Hunter Boone shot & edited the video with his mad skillz. If you’re in need of some video work, he is definitely your man.

Peace Out Cub Scout!

RDR – Dan

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