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by rundanrun on May 2, 2012

I tell you what, coming up with blog titles is somewhat difficult. I can’t help but feel cheesy.

Anyhow, I suppose I should give the world a little update on RDR and related topics. Let’s start off with some notable press and follow up with some goodies.

Paste Magazine recently listed Run Dan Run as one of the 12 bands in South Carolina that you should listen to right now. That was a pretty big honor, especially considering there is a lot of great music coming out of SC right now.

Our label Hearts & Plugs released its free debut sampler featuring 3 songs from each of the 4 artists on the roster, The Lovely Few from Columbia, SC, Mr. Jenkins from New York, NY, Ashley Hopkins from Durham, NC, & of course yours truly, Run Dan Run from Charleston, SC. There are some true gems on this sampler so be sure to download it (did I mention that is was 100% free?).

Also, our label mates The Lovely Few just released a full-length record titled “The Perseids” as well as a FREE 4-song EP titled “The Orionids.” In case you didn’t know already, The Lovely Few sings lovely electronic indie pop songs about meteors. As dry as that subject might sound, these songs are not in the least bit uninteresting but rather quite the opposite. I discover some profound truths whenever I listen to The Lovely Few, not to mention some incredible hooks and delicious programming (and I am not one to typically be into programming, most of it sounds cheesy to me). Also, Mike Mewborne has a lovely voice, I could listen to him sing anything and like it. So my suggestion is to start off with “The Orionids” because… it’s free, get into that and then go pick up “The Perseids” and prepare to have your boat rocked.

Lastly I would like to mention 2 upcoming shows, one this Friday, May 4th at Fresh Brewed in Myrtle Beach with Bonaparte, This Is For My Friends, + 2 more. It is a charity event with proceeds going to South by Southeast, an organization dedicated to music education. Run Dan Run will also be performing as a duo (Dan McCurry + Nick Jenkins) at Tin Roof in Charleston, SC on Saturday, May 19th. It’ll be a good time I am sure. We don’t get to perform much together since everyone is so spread out these days, Nick in NYC & Ash in Durham, NC and of course myself here in Charleston, SC. Hope to see you all out at one (or both) of these shows.


RDR – Dan McCurry

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